About MapQuest

MapQuest can generate maps and directions instantly. In the first month after the launch of the website, mapquest got one million UV. Mapquest became popular quickly, even spawned a new industry. Network Map application has been swamped now, but MapQuest still maintained its leading position.

MapQuest how to determine its "ideal" route? Let us discover the secret of MapQuest. Learn how to use MapQuest and some other lesser-known applications of MapQuest. MapQuest must be a fantastic network mapping program. Mapquest's main functions include: FindIt, You can find commercial facilities in a specific area; Maps, To create an address, city, zip code or latitude and longitude.

How To Use MapQuest

Let us use MapQuest to plan to arrive Howstuffworks in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything we required in the right side of the home page; The first thing we need to do is to find the Atlanta airport where is the starting point of our trip.

If you click the FindIt below "Search for the Locations (search location), you will see a page contains some of the fields, we can fill in these fields to search for the location and search area: On the same page. There is also a commercial facility category list. If you do not know the name of the place you want to find or do not know how to call it, and can search for these categories to find the right types of facilities. You can find Airports (Airport) in the category "Travel" (travel), "Auto Rental" (Car Rental), Cruises (Cruise), Resorts also in the category of mapquest.

(Scenic spots) and "Sightseeing Tours" (tourism) category. Click on any sub-categories can be automatically populated with the keyword, "What" (search for content) field. Click on our "Search for the Locations (search location), MapQuest will generate a Atlanta map and listed in the search for" airport ". We are looking for Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, it is in the middle position of the list.

Some links below the name and address. We can view the map or view the location between the traffic routes: If we click on "Map", our starting position will be in Atlanta's fine map (the center of the map of the airport). Find "Find the Nearby" (Find nearby facilities) field which upper right of the Map. If we want to find a hotel located in the vicinity of the airport, we can enter "hotel" in the field. And then we will get a list of hotels located in this region of MapQuest.

We use the FindIt function to generate the map first. We can also enter the address of Hate Si Field Airport in Atlanta in the home page "Maps" section to get the map. In addition, MapQuest can generate a map by zip code, city, state, and latitude and longitude. When we use mobile map view, We have several options to use with MapQuest. We can use the arrows on the map perimeter to move the map, Can also directly click on the map of MapQuest.

Under the map, we can decide the action when clicking on the map. Enlarge the map and set the map center as click point for us, or just re-set the center of the map. We can also use the zoom buttons to zoom in or out of the left side of the map. We can also use the zoom buttons on the left side of the map to zoom in or out. We are able to see the map on the largest scale.

The map below for route guidance box. After you get a location map, Enter the starting address or destination address to get driving directions between start and destination guidelines. The destination address is "3350 Peachtree. Road in Atlanta (Atlanta, Peachtree Road, 3350) - That is, Bowen U.S. Headquarters, "Find Nearby" (Find near facilities) function, We can find a cafe, in order to have a short break before the meeting.

As we walk less than 80 kilometers, so if you want to watch the scenery along the way, then let traffic routes to avoid the main highway. In addition, We can also select the return route, in order to know exactly how to return to the airport after the end of the trip. Now We have generated an accurate map information, We can e-mailed it. Send it to mobile phones (use subscription MapQuest Mobile service) or download mapquest to your handheld computer.

Other Programs Of MapQuest

Except generating maps and route guidance with mapquest, MapQuest has also developed a large number of applications:

MapQuest LinkFree

You can free to link directly to a map and driving directions on the MapQuest Web site Through MapQuest LinkFree. Therefore, If you have your own website, personal home page or you want to home party invitations to send to a friend, you can generate maps and driving directions in MapQuest and then link to a friend. They can click these links and get relevant information immediately.

Add MapQuest information to your web page instructions, See MapQuest: LinkFree.

MapQuest Mobile

MapQuest Mobile is a subscription service. This service can be purchased through the mobile phone provider. It costs about $ 4 per month, You can use mobile phones to get maps and driving directions as As you use the MapQuest Web site. In addition, You can also use the "Send to Phone" button on MapQuest. Maps and routes sent to your phone to download and display. Download and install the MapQuest Mobile application, Your mobile phone provider will automatically begin to charge the cost of the service.


If you have a GPS-enabled Nextel phone, you can download "FindMe" to the phone. View your location on the map at any time, MapQuest's local search function is based on the current position, You can also get maps and driving directions and let others (candidates up to you) know you are here. FindMe of mapquest is a subscription service, the price is about $ 5 per month. You can track your location history and decide who can know you are here through the use of the FindMe companion Web site.

The MapQuest Personal Navigation Device (PND) is a portable GPS receiver(including maps and driving directions). You can also set waypoints and destinations and view the built-in points of interest provided by MapQuest. Its price at $ 700 and can guide the directions of traffic by voice (using 30 languages ​​and 50 different voice), Assist you while driving.

MapQuest Business applications

MapQuest provides a variety of commercial products for businesses. For the corporate website to increase the local search, maps and route planning functions. Business applications starts at $ 5,000 per year, Range from basic MapQuest features' easy integration with existing business infrastructure to a complete system of MapQuest in enterprise.

An increasing number in MapQuest products and services means that you can more easily understand your position, the position you want to go and what route to reach the destination.

But there will still be some small problems with Mapquest: Sometimes, MapQuest will provide the error message.

The Technology Of MapQuest

As most people know, MapQuest's 34 servers hosting in the AOL data center in Virginia. These 34 units of the server handle all the necessary data and calculations for real-time map creation and driving directions. The specific task of these servers: 15 servers generate a map; 15 servers handle geocoding (address, latitude and longitude coordinates match); 4 server to create driving directions.

Each server is a self-contained unit, Information stored is same as the information stored in the task group on other servers.

If you require MapQuest to generate driving directions, Driving Directions will appear on the screen eventually, 15 geocoding will be used (we will discuss this in the next section) in a server of these servers. A server of 15 map generation servers and a server of four route generation servers. MapQuest's route generation algorithm will find all possible routes between two points, And weigh certain factors in each stage of the journey to select a route, The goal is to select one of the fastest, most direct route.

Mapquest will consider the type of road (For example, if a highway or dirt road to choose from, Mapquest will choose the highway), the number of turning, road traffic and intersection. Select the ideal sections for each step of the trip, Mapquest will provide a complete driving directions. MapQuest input all these data to its own technology infrastructure, in order to convert the data to map and direction of the guidelines and display in MapQuest.

Let us look at what is involved in this process. When MapQuest route generation server generates a route, Mapquest also calculates the expected travel time. Travel time is calculated and by the time required for each intersection according to the various sections of the driving speed (usually prescribed speed limit) and the time required for driving through each intersection.

"According to the type of turn (left, right or intersection) and the number, type and shape of intersection at the road to calculate the time required for driving through the intersection. For example, the software assumes turning left into the main road from the side road spend more time than turning right from the main road into the side road. In order to mark the location on a map or driving directions from one point to another, MapQuest must convert street address into latitude and longitude coordinates first.This process is called geocoding." Said Jim Greiner, MapQuest's marketing director.

Geographic Editor of MapQuest

Geocoding is one pair of latitude / longitude values ​​are assigned to a street address. Results may not be very accurate - The geocoding process will be based on information available to make judgments as accurate as possible. MapQuest to use a number of ways to complete the geocoding.

Mapquest Address interpolation

This method of Mapquest provides the most accurate results. In the address of the interpolation process, The street is divided into multiple segments, Each has associated address range. MapQuest's software is based on the given address is located in the street segment.

Given Address Location Based on Speculation

For example, if you ask MapQuest to show the location of this address "25 Elm Street, Hollywood, California". Geocoding server will ask map generation servers to provide the data which matches the Elm Street and Hollywood most closely. Then, Mapquest will find the street side of the address range (1-49) while the other side of the address range is 2-50 street segments. Mapquest assumes that 25 is located in the middle of the odd-numbered side of the street. And the position corresponding to the latitude and longitude coordinates to locate the address.

If Mapquest does not use interpolation method to geocode an address - Usually the street not included in the database or a given area with the same name as the street - The server will attempt to use the cross-point match (if the address is located outside of the U.S.) or postal code area (if the address is located in the United States) method.

Cross-Point Matching

In order to use the cross-point matching method to geocode addresses, MapQuest need to find two street segments: A street segment near the address located by MapQuest. While another street segment intersects with the street segment. Then, it assumes that the crossover point is the closest intersection to a given address, And geocoding.

In this case, MapQuest will generate the map which marked the crossing point, or according to the crossover point to generate driving directions.

Zip Region

In the U.S., Each address has a corresponding zip code to the specific area in city. Zip code area is a region corresponding to the five-digit, seven-digit or nine-digit zip code. Most people are familiar with the five-digit Zip Code, However, these Zip code actually can be divided into smaller "Zip code" area, and even a smaller "Zip code" region. "Zip 4" area using nine-digit zip code, You may see this Zip Code in the official documentation sometimes. Mapquest usually includes only the 10 families (you can use the USPS Zip to query to find the address' in "Zip 4" code area).

If MapQuest can find the address in the nine-digit Zip Code area, Mapquest can calculate the latitude and longitude coordinates corresponding with the regional centers. The next step is to try to locate the address in the "Zip code" area, then finally found a basic five-digit Zip Code area (a very large area). The last two methods of MapQuest do not return very accurate results.